You woke up one morning, turned off your alarm clock, and felt a sudden pit in your stomach. You think, “Why have I never learned to play any music in my life?”

Or maybe, you’ve been around music for years and just now had a deep desire stir up inside of you to start.

Perhaps you're just looking for more information about guitars and want to make extra sure that you're making the most of your equipment, playing technique, style, etc.

No matter what it was that brought you over, you can achieve it / make it happen!


Hi, I’m Dan, and I help beginner musicians learn to play guitar and piano from scratch, even if they’ve never played a single note in their life.

After playing for 16+ years I decided to give back and start passing on the knowledge.

If the guitar is a passion of yours...

Or if the piano is a passion of yours…

I’ll help you build your skills up to a point where you can go out on your own and start mastering these instruments on your own time.

But until then, it’s important that you learn the right things in the right way. Having a mentor is a great way to do this.

If you’re aimlessly watching YouTube videos on how to play the guitar without any direction, chances are high that you won’t retain anything and forget it all in a few days.

To learn in the best way possible, it's ideal to follow a proven framework for going from knowing absolutely nothing about guitar or piano, to mastering the basics and being able to play almost any song you want.

If you’re ready to get started, the time is now.

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