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If you've been looking for a nice, comfortable, padded guitar strap proven to work time and time again -- we recommend going with the KLIQ AirCell Neoprene Padded Strap (check price on Amazon)

It's a simple black style, wicks moisture away, and lasts a long time. What more do you need from a reliable guitar strap?

Oh snap.

You look down at your strap and see the last frayed thread holding on to its final bit of strength… Next thing you hear is a resounding, “Riiipppppp!”.

Your guitar strap just tore in half right in front of your eyes.

Ok, well, that might’ve been a bit dramatic, but let’s face it, you want an awesome, reliable guitar strap.

When you’re playing guitar and dealing with straps, there’s two common problems that come up over and over again: 

Problem #1: Your guitar strap just isn’t comfortable, no matter how you try shuffling it around or adjusting!

Problem #2: Your guitar strap lasts only a few months and you’re buying replacements constantly!

Those are two very common problems. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can get a guitar strap that’s long-lasting, quality-built, and comfortable! The perfect trio.

But how?

Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to cover today. We’ll go over a few top-notch guitar straps in detail, and who knows -- you just might walk out with that shiny new strap you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s get started.

A Man and His Guitar (and strap!)

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Overview: Guitar Straps Explained

A guitar strap is what lets you actually play while standing up.

You don’t necessarily need a strap if you’re just sitting down while playing/practicing… but that’s not really realistic in the long run.

In reality, all of us need a good strap that supports the weight of our guitar, feels super comfortable, and lasts a long time.

A man and his guitar... and let's not forget the strap!
A Man and His Guitar (and strap!)

They come in a bunch of different flavors: Color, Padding, Stitching, Weight, Sturdiness, etc. The list goes on.

But today we’ll be looking at solving the two major problems we mentioned above: Straps that are super comfortable and last a long time.

Basics: How to Attach a Guitar Strap

This is a very common question we get quite a bit, so we’re going to address it right off the bat.

If you have an acoustic guitar, this video from Lindo Guitars shows how you can tie and adjust a guitar strap for your acoustic. 

And if you have an electric or bass guitar, try giving this video below a whirl; Jeff covers putting on a strap for both an electric guitar and an acoustic.

Bass guitars are extremely similar to electric guitars with strap attachment because of their similar metal pegs (buttons).

There is one thing you have to keep an eye out for with your bass: Its weight.

Since bass guitars are typically heavier than electric guitars, your strap will have to be a bit sturdier/thicker to support the additional weight.

Keep this in mind when selecting a strap.

Usability: How to Pick the Most Comfortable Guitar Strap

There are certain materials that just make a guitar strap that much more comfortable.

And if comfort is your #1 priority, it only makes sense to go for straps padded with these materials.

One of the best is Memory Foam. A close second is Neoprene.

Have you ever slept on a memory foam mattress? The way it “shapes” to your back makes it feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Same goes with guitar straps, except instead of your back it’s your shoulder thanking you.

With a comfortable strap you’ll be able to stand for longer periods of time, meaning you can play/practice/perform longer.

And if you’re a bass player there’s an extra benefit: You’ll feel as if the bass is lighter than usual, since the strap won’t be digging into your shoulder.

Because of a bass guitar’s heavier weight, it’s especially important that you invest in a higher-end strap, especially if you know you’ll be standing for a while (... and in reality, this applies to literally every bass player).

We have links to super comfortable padded guitar straps further along in this article.

Essential Components: Guitar Strap Locks & Buttons

Let’s start with some definitions:

Guitar Strap Button: A solid “peg” mounted to your guitar to which you can “button” your guitar strap to, just like buttoning a shirt.

Guitar Strap Lock: A solid locking mechanism that mounts to your guitar strap and locks onto a guitar strap button. Instead of “buttoning” your guitar strap on you’ll hear a satisfying click as you literally lock your strap in place. These are very durable.

The two images above show a button, its corresponding lock, and then the two locked together.

If you can imagine them locking together, you'll see how the button fits into the lock mechanism.

Depending on how much you move around while playing (i.e. if you’re actively performing on stage vs. practicing in your room), a guitar strap lock & button set might be worth looking into.

And now we come to another common question:

"What if I have an acoustic guitar with no button, and I don’t want to tie my strap on like a shoelace?"

In this case, you’ll have to manually install your strap button onto your acoustic guitar. Trust me, it isn’t as scary as it seems.

If you’re handy with a drill and a screwdriver, it’ll be a piece of cake.

But if you want it done by a professional, I’d suggest checking out a local music store/shop where they can install a button for you.

Here’s a video showing how this installation is done, DIY style:

And finally, here are the links to guitar strap locks and buttons we recommend from Schaller.

Here are the links (strap locks & buttons):

  • Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons Pair Black - (Amazon)
  • Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons Pair Gold - (Amazon)
  • Schaller Security Straplocks Black Chrome - (Amazon)

Materials and Construction: Leather & Custom Made Guitar Straps

The material of your guitar strap matters. It matters a lot.

This is the defining characteristic between a strap that’s super comfortable and lasts ages vs. one you can’t stand to wear that rips after a month of heavy use.

Here are the most common guitar strap materials:

  • Leather (base)
  • Nylon (base)
  • Cotton (base)
  • Memory Foam (padding)
  • Neoprene (padding)

The base of a typical strap is usually made from either leather, nylon, or cotton.

And for comfort, higher-end guitar straps are padded with either memory foam or neoprene.

When making a buying decision, always look at the base strap material (usually nylon, cotton, or leather) and also at the padding material (usually memory foam or neoprene).

If there isn’t any padding material, it’s probably going to cost a little less but be a bit rougher on your shoulder.

But a padded leather strap, for example, will most likely be a higher quality strap that you’ll pay a bit more for. Not to mention, it’ll be a lot more comfortable to wear!

Best Guitar Straps for Acoustic, Electric, and Bass

Electrics, acoustics, and bass guitars all require different straps, right?!

Well, not really!

Most guitar straps can fit universally on either an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, or a bass guitar.

And because your typical strap is compatible with all three, the only other two things you’d want to consider is the length and width of your strap.

40 inches to 60 inches is around standard size for a guitar strap. This is a range that’ll fit nearly anyone.

But if you’re exceptionally tall or just like to have your guitar hanging really low while you play, then you’ll want to look for straps that extend past 60+ inches.

If you have a heavier guitar (i.e. bass), you’ll want to make sure that the width of your strap can support the weight.

Thin guitar straps are around 2 inches in width, but they can go all the way up to 4 inches on the wider side.

You’ll have to weigh a couple factors and decide what you’d like best:

  • Comfort vs. Sleekness: Thicker straps can have more padding, meaning they’re more comfortable. Thinner straps look more sleek and minimalist.
  • Price Range: Thicker straps tend to be more expensive. Are you on a budget?
  • Instrument Support: Thicker straps can support a larger bass. Do you play a heavy bass or a light acoustic?

You’ll have to make a decision based on your priorities.

Anyways, let’s get down to the crux of it: a list of the best guitar straps we recommend.

Links to some great guitar straps:

  • KLIQ AirCell Neoprene Padded - (Amazon)
  • Levy’s Leathers MSSC8 Cotton - (Amazon)
  • Walker & Williams CVG-22 Padded Leather - (Amazon)
  • Levy’s Leathers M4GF Leather Foam Padded Bass Strap - (Amazon)
  • Donner DR-1 Soft Cotton Strap, Budget - (Amazon)

What About Unique, Vintage, and “Cool” Guitar Straps?

If you’re looking for something cool and unique, or maybe a vintage strap, we’ve included several of our favorites below.

Most of this article has been about comfort and reliability, but if you want that awesome look, it’s well within reach!

Links to some unique, "cool", and vintage guitar straps:

  • Vintage Woven Guitar Strap, 10 Styles - (Amazon)
  • Levy’s Leathers M8HT-13 Jacquard Weave Hootenanny Strap - (Amazon)
  • TimbreGear Vintage Woven Guitar Strap - (Amazon)

Final Remarks

By this point you should be feeling much more confident about your ability to choose a great guitar strap -- one that’ll last for years and be super comfortable to wear whenever you’re jamming out.

We started with the basics and learned how to attach a guitar strap to your guitar.

After that, the next natural step was to cover more specific topics like locks and buttons.

In the end, though, it’s up to you to choose a style you like and make sure the strap you’re buying has great reviews for comfort and quality.

You want to make doubly sure that you’re getting a quality strap that’s both built to last, and one that doesn’t cause shoulder rash after every one of your practice sessions…

Now it’s your turn - get out there, pick up your favorite strap, and let’s get playing!

A Man and His Guitar (and strap!)

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